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This artist paints her body to create astonishing optical illusions

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This artist paints her body to create astonishing optical illusions


here that this one aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like this a certain a particular a well known one such This THIS Thi thi expert whiz scientist aerialist artist athlete balancer clown contortionist dancer funambulist gymnast performer stunt person trapezist tumbler amateur barnstormer bit player character comedian entertainer extra foil ham hambone headliner idol impersonator ingenue ingénue lead mime mimic pantomimist play-actor player soubrette stand-in star stooge straight person thesp thespian trouper understudy ventriloquist villain walk-on builder creator designer draftsperson engineer inventor maker master builder originator planner prime mover beatnik dilettante flower child free spirit gypsy hippie iconoclast writer caricaturist comic artist gag person gagster illustrator social critic ace adept artiste authority buff connoisseur doyen graduate guru hot shot old hand old pro phenomenon pro professional proficient shark virtuoso wizard acrobat actor architect bohemian cartoonist Artist oil color wax dye stain flat rouge gloss latex portray sketch depict coat cover draw daub wash tint design brush stipple compose outline figure picture swab limn shade draft fresco slather slap on strip administer affix anoint bestow fasten join lay on massage paint place put on rub smear spread touch buff clean polish sweep whisk wipe beard blind cloak concealment coverup deceit deceptive marking dissimulation faking false appearance front guise mask masking masquerade mimicry plain brown wrapper protective coloring red herring screen shroud smokescreen veil apply crust enamel foil glaze incrust laminate plaster plate surface varnish blush cast chroma chromaticity chromatism chromism colorant coloration coloring complexion glow hue intensity iridescence luminosity pigmentation polychromasia saturation tinct tincture tinge undertone value adorn blacken bloom burn chalk crayon crimson darken embellish emblazon enliven flush gild illuminate imbue infuse lacquer pigment pinken redden suffuse tone variegate camouflage Paint Paints Her her H.E.R. HER frame shaft figure form makeup shape build trunk torso bod boody mind soul spirit one remains carcass relic stiff carrion cadaver ashes clay dust bones party person being human mortal plant box tenor total staple gist pith sum corpus core hull crux basis bed matter mass whole part group set batch horde lot mob array clump bunch single heart meat text thesis burden sense upshot accumulation agglomerate agglomeration all amount assemblage body bulk combination conglomerate conglomeration gross heap lump mixture pile quantity the works totality whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole schmear whole shooting match addition aggregate bad news budget cost damage entirety expense extent list net outlay output price tag product quantum score set-back tab tidy sum full value import purport result significance substance thrust value arrangement bundle cluster design display disposition exhibition formation host lineup multitude order parade pattern show supply throng aggregation association band clambake coffee klatch collection company conclave confab conference convocation council crew crowd faction flock gathering get-together huddle meet meeting rally sit-in turnout assembly bevy clique club corps coterie covey gang menagerie outfit society troop troupe Bodies bodies create startling striking amazing stunning wonderful wondrous marvelous usual boring ugly normal homely dull astonishing breathtaking confounding eye-popping mind-blowing mind-boggling overwhelming shocking stupefying surprising alarming awe-inspiring awful beautiful daunting dreadful exalted fearful fearsome formidable frantic frightening grand hairy horrible horrifying imposing impressive intimidating magnificent majestic mean moving nervous real gone something else terrible terrifying zero cool exciting hair-raising heart-stirring heart-stopping spine-tingling thrilling agitative animating appealing arousing arresting bracing commoving dangerous dramatic electrifying exhilarant far-out fine flashy groovy heady hectic impelling interesting intoxicating intriguing lively melodramatic neat overpowering provocative racy rip-roaring rousing sensational showy stimulating stirring titillating wild zestful A-1 A-OK aces astounding awesome best cool doozie extravagant fab fantastic fictitious first-class greatest immense inconceivable incredible legendary out-of-sight out-of-this-world outrageous peachy phenomenal primo prodigious rad remarkable spectacular stupendous super superb terrific top drawer tops turn-on unbelievable unreal wicked ace extraordinary fabulous glorious great superhuman visual seeing beheld discernible imaged observable observed ocular optic optical perceptible seeable seen viewable viewed visible visional Optical semblance deception myth confusion image delusion fantasy pipe dream ghost rainbow bubble apparition mockery fancy invention chimera error mirage daydream phantasm trip fallacy head trip seeming paramnesia idolism misbelief déjà vu truth fact being right event bogeyman bump in the night hallucination haunt illusion phantom revenant specter spirit spook visitant aura beard blind countenance dream facade front guise idea impression phenomenon reflection screen sound vision bogy fabrication fata morgana figment fool's paradise ignis fatuus monster monstrosity snare virtual reality artifice bilk bluff catch cheat chicane con con game confidence game cover-up crock decoy device dodge fast one fast shuffle feint fib fraud gimmick hoax hogwash hustle imposture jive lie malarkey mare's-nest pretext ride ruse scam sham shift shuck snow job stall sting story stratagem subterfuge swindle trap trick whitewash wile wrinkle blunder casuistry chicanery deceptiveness eidolon false impression lapse misapprehension mistake optical illusion oversight self-deception shade speciousness spuriousness trickery camouflage charade cloak color coloring concealment costume counterfeit dissimulation dress face faking false front fig leaf get-up make-believe mask masquerade pageant pen name pretense pretension pretentiousness pseudonym put-on red herring smoke screen veil veneer appearance disguise
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