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All Videos: Friday, March 16, 2018

  Message from Space: Galactic Wars SPACE ARK HD(1978)[720p] Eng Dub  Sag Harbor (2015) - An insight into the wealthy African American community of Sag Harbor, that established itself in the 20th century and has created an enclave where a majority of them are the primar  Tell Them We Are Rising (2017) - The history of black colleges and universities in America, which have educated the architects of freedom movements and cultivated community leaders in every field.  Here’s what happened at Telltale Games [7:26]  I HAVE ASS EPIC FAILS  [Poetry] This Poem Cost Me $86, Enjoy  Get Christie Love! (1974) [480p]  Dementia 13 (1963) [480p]  Bruce Lee, the Legend (1984) [480p]  How powerful is a crossbow?  Israelis clash with police over military draft  Gangster cat (Thug life)  [USA][MN] Close calls, bad driving, and questionable situations (no accidents)  Freakshow (1989) [360p]  3 Days (2015) [480p]  Spriggan (1998) [720p]  Aroused (1966) [360p]  Police lay in wait at backdoor, arrest 3 Costco thieves.  What if Emoji the movie was an horror 360° movie  White people vs Black People Fortnite *Warning High Volume*  [Haiku] Pizza  [Haiku]Car  OLDE TOWNE - A murder mystery movie set on Niagara-on-the-Lake.  The Toxic Avenger (1984) [480p]  A Star Is Born (1937) [480p]  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972) [480p]  Titanic (1943) [360p]  Maid To Order (1987) [360p]  The 1975 - Robbers (Live in the O2)  My amazon Alexa just started randomly playing sounds of someone in toilet.  What the Smiley face did ever since the Emojis !! Definitely Worth the watch!  bobby light chopped n screwed Rob & BIG Dirty Girl  please come to brazil  [Poetry]Working on the new office  Peaceful Motivation through Jon Anderson Buddha song [5:48]  [USA][MN] Bad driving and questionable situations in Duluth (no accidents)  Rainbow Valley (1935) [360p]  I’m going to kill you! Oh wait, this is pretty good! Thank you kind stranger  Making lower calorie pizza from scratch  When you want to just cuddle....  I recut the Infinity War trailers to Sinatra’s “My Way”, let me know what you think!  All aboard the Max payne Trayne  [R6:Siege] That vaulting shot though  Drunk Irish woman on Ryanair flight from Spain. 1/10/18 she's absolutely bonkers  Ever gone skydiving and then midway through, somehow forgot that you needed to actually deploy your parachute at some point?  One of my favorite covers of any song, always puts me in a great mood  Loving Las Vegas, you should stop by some time  Pluto Chases Kid at Disneyland  [Russia] Biker lane splitting at 90 mph. You guessed, did not go as planned.  [Poetry] Two Indian Kids Sing "Gucci Gang" for Singing Competition  Secret Files of the Inquisition - part 2 - Tears of Spain (2006): Relates the creation of the Spanish Inquisition in the late 1400s and its effect on Sephardi Jews  TRY NOT TO LAUGH - DANK MEMES #26  ZVLV KLVN- Keeping It Lit (1995)  Tim Curry- "Birds of a Feather" (1978). In a rare live concert performance, the actor-singer dances drunkenly, impersonates a bird, and sings a lusty ode to sleeping with male prostitutes, taken from   POV - Ski Chairlift Rollback in Gudauri  Lady going crazy in the Fort Lauderdale airport  A video specifically for FactualEnd  Jhonny Bubble (made by the same guy who did the tutorial on how to pick up a blue chair.)  TFW you are a billionaire genius spaceman but you still have to deal with womanspreading  Abandoned - Southwest Detroit Hospital [11:28]  Another angle of the Georgia ski lift failure  "Candid Camera" tries to play a prank on Mister Rogers, and it backfires.  FPV perspective of the Ski lift accident in Gudauri, Georgia - 11 with minor injuries, 0 deaths  Two kids fight in gym class  Dope fiend in chinese store gets dropped  Frustrated Jetstar passengers shout at airport staff after being stranded at Bangkok airport  Jethro Tull- "The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles" (1973). As Easter approaches, here's a slightly insane pastoral video played as an interlude during Jethro Tull's "Passion Play" concerts,   “Hold my beer and Watch how fast I can make this thing go in reverse”  He Was So Bad :'D Killed A Whole Squad Though Playing PUBG With A Noob! - PUBG Funny Moments And Fails!  Artificial Revolution (2018) - A Better Life Without Work?  [Meme]i put thomas the tank engine music over taylor swift's new video  Custom Tools - Brazing & Welding [20:59]  when lightsaber dueling goes horribly wrong(watch till end)  Street Fight : Men, Women, Grandma, everybody is there  Two guys fight on street: one knows some MMA moves. The other doesn't.  Fight caught at the YMCA  A retrospective on Clue: The Movie [23:47]  BMW M4 GTS - A Veritable Technology Showcase [7:08]  Simply Explained Bridge Collapse | Engineering and Construction (AvE) [11:59]  German woman spits at passengers in Berlin metro and gets late-parenting from strangers.  Guy Loses His Mind Over a Trumpet Street Performer  teens in line at kentucky fried chicken then they start yelling dancing and beating up each other  [Germany] Police pursuit on Autobahn ends in crash  Have a good day.  Ninja And Drake Got Nothin On These 2 Drunk Bastards  This Isn't Us  [Meme] [Poetry] We are but dudes  [Meme] El Connecto  Does Dollar Cost Averaging Work [Finance/Investing]?  How Greenscreen Works  Modern alarm clock  Fighting pneumatics - Bigger and bigger  Sovereign Citizen Glenn Winningham of the House of Fearn denounces Windows 10 as Satanic Admiralty Martial Law  [Poetry]You okay?  [Poetry] kerbe mountain  [Poetry] Anger masks my cowardice  [Poetry] Bedtime Clout with Uncle Fam  AVENGERS 3: INFINITY WAR Trailer #2 (2018)  Captain Disillusion: Chinese Invisibility Cloak Hoax Destroyed [13:35]  St. Patrick's Day Parade in Chicago goes from 0-brawl in seconds  Captain D: Chinese Invisibility Cloak Hoax DESTROYED [13:36]  Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (1984)  Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister) addressing Congress & the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) regarding censorship of media (1985)  Highway of hell (2014)  My anus can take a pounding  Chinese Invisibility Cloak Hoax DESTROYED!!!  Be Prepared  Succe$$ (edited stock footage)  People Being Hurled Off Ski Lifts in Gudauri, Georgia  The Russian Zorb Incident  old video of a guy who went around NYC yelling at cops who break traffic laws  [UK] Incredibly close pass and nearly a head on collision too.  Operation Rheinübung: Battle of the Denmark Strait 1941 [15:17]  16mm scan of Cypress Gardens Film "An Aye for Boating" (1970)s  Ant Gets Trapped in Pen Circle [Hilarious]  The Tesla World Light (2017)  Uberhaxornova and friends spill shampoo at a budget motel (starts at 12:46 for mobile users)  Carbon test: Potato charcoal  Preparing a Sea Snail - Japanese Street Food  Hannah Whiteley - Kiting the bedsheets - YouTube  White nationalists get briefly detained for hate crimes on a live stream with cries of "Am I being detained?!" and "I'm a citizen with rights."  Epoxy river table how-to, by someone who knows what they're talking about  Funny cute shiba inus 🐶😍  [Haiku] Perfection  Sumo Wrestling with Conan O’Brien | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 1 [13:36]  [Haiku] The Infinity War trailer but I just name characters as they appear  Too Too Close [Canada]  [USA] [OC] It pays to give trucks some extra room  He was outclassed  Alien Fireballs (2010) - [Naked Science] Full Documentary (HD)  80 Blocks From Tiffany's (1979) : A fascinating inside look at street gangs in NYC during the 70s, their culture and experiences. Fans of the cult classic movie 'The Warriors' will recognize their sty  "Vegas Prostitute Murdered", short from the film BackPage, The Movie: The Ultimate Experience In grueling Satire (2010)  Artisan crafted three-cheese pizza blend  Thank You Dido Lorne Armstrong Parody  Nelly Furtado Spoof- Im like A bird. - KTH.  Horrifying short about two drunk girls entering an abandoned pool (won best narrative at Tribeca Film Fest)  ElectroBOOM 101 - The Birth of Electron  [Poetry]Inchman  [Poetry] I'm Goku!  The Story of R.O.B. the Robot | Gaming Historian [24:00]  [USA][MD] U-turn on red, then skip to 1:20 to see another idiot  [USA][MD] Old man cuts me off, drives in a non-lane  Headbutt Fail  BBC's The War Party (2003) - They brought us war against Iraq - what do the hawks in Washington have in store for us now?  The worst rappers ever on youtube  Signals: A Space Adventure (1970) [1:26:50] [German Only] Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer ~ The German 2001: A Space Odyssey  I'm just sayin'  Malamute Eats Berry Shortcake ♡!  31 logical fallacies in 8 minutes  Ski Lift in Guidari, Georgia malfunctions and goes in reverse at full speed. 10 injured  Runnin' On Shine (2018) - "Solar car racing in North America, following at team at the Formula Sun Grand Prix." [CC] (32:11)  How Much Would it Cost to Build a Real-Life Death Star? - Second Thought [5:16]  Frosted Mini-Wheats commercial with a biker's cereal tattoos (2000)  Levi's Loose Jeans Commercial, 1993  Streamer eats the Navy Seal pasta  Making of Itachi Uchiha bust [10:46] - by Jerzku  Gavin Seim turns SovCit bullshit into a family affair  Grown men doing a dance about papayas  Didn't knew shredding could do this  He broke a controller this time. Everything in his house is broken  [Haiku] Sound design in Berserk 2017  [Poetry] Uptown Pete  Let's set off these fireworks from a hot air balloon above the neighbourhood! [WCGW]  Cop tells teen to throw hands and that he wont be arrested afterward  When Men Hit Back #2  Soy sauce fried chicken recipe  life without fucking social media,temporary ban!! Hilarious remedy  [Thailand] Driver not paying attention while turning.  What it's like to look for a job after college  Rick and Morty x Run The Jewels: Oh Mama | Adult Swim  Flyamsam - Horse Shoe  Sandman wrestling entrance at baseball stadium  HMB while I ride the ski lift  Heartbreak and Triumph The Useless Youth Fortnite Story  how to play pool in Saudi Arabia !!  Vape store robbery doesn’t go quite as planned  Reginald Denny footage from the 1992 LA Riots  news anchorman curses on live TV on his first day on the job, immediately gets fired  Seth MacFarlane interviews George Lucas (2007)  AI Christmas - Awards Entry Case Study Film  Slow Cooker Keto Corned Beef Cabbage  The Employee Review  Taco madness!!  Wood carving on Red Sandalwood by a craftsman in Tamil Nadu India [7:08]  Matthias Wandel: A tall rack of ten storage boxes that slide in like drawers [09:45]  The opening gunfight from Rome and Juliet  Ski Chairlift Rollback in Gudauri  Girl gets caught taking a shit inside a restaurant trash bin  Pretty good blinds  Woops! - Episode 7 (YouTube version) (1992)  Raccoons are just weird cats - and here is the proof.  Downhill Mountain Biking Is Awesome 2018[10:05]  How Did New York’s Trains Get So Bad? [10:44]  Jutland Clash of the Dreadnoughts - Part 1 of 2 (World War 1) | Timeline (2004)  [Poetry] Astral Projecting  [Meme] Russian National Anthem on Harmonica  [Meme]This cat's day is ruined.  [Poetry]Anime is addicting  [Poetry] How United Airlines Transports Your Dog  Simple & Fast | Color Change Effect | Adobe Premiere Pro  [USA] Multiple cars run a red light, one almost gets into a wreck  Parking garage freakout  Telling Jokes With Kyle Murray and Aaron Quigley - The GLP Comedy Club  The Betamax Case (2018) - The Supreme Court case in which Universal and Disney sued Sony for copyright infringement based on the common practice of home recording on their Betamax machines.  NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe (2013)  ROCKED: Sum 41 in the Congo (2005) [52:01]  5 Cool Facts About Bitcoin You Probably Didn't Know  Supreme Court Briefs- The Betamax Case (Sony v. Universal)  Tom Segura loses it over a video title  Pets Street Fight  Terrible Street Fight After a Car Crash  ITV morning show accidentally plays "All about that bass" over Stephen Hawking tribute  [USA] Hard T-bone crash (Springfield, Missouri)  FIU Miami bridge disaster explained|AVE  It's finally here!!!  MRW I don't want to pay for my nails  RotMG - Huge Giveaway!  Getting drunk with Goosebumps - Welcome to Dead House [19:03]  The story of well intentioned people ending up in a cult (EnlightenNext) [16:30]  Tekashi69 attacked after screaming something bad in this song? 🤔 really what’s wrong with what he said🤦🏾‍♂️  Male Rape: Breaking the Silence (2017) BBC Documentary [36:42]  Martian Mega Rover (2012) - Full Documentary (HD)  Disco and the atomic war (2009) How Finnish TV affected Soviet Estonia during the Cold War. (part 1)  [Haiku] Cool Animation  Our planet's rotation is mysteriously slowing down. What if it stopped spinning entirely?  Air Fryer Corn Flakes Crusted Chicken Tenders Recipe | From raw to Fried ... No Grease  Man plays a Godspeed You! Black Emperor song using a guitar and a screwdriver  Ass Eating Criminal  Fascinating meat expert explains how to tell the difference between quality meats and cheap meats [xpost from videos]  Mr Dennis Back In Court, But The Staff Doesn't Make An Appearance, The Judge Banned It (Part 2)  She’s gotta be my favorite. Hits it right on point  OMG ski mountain elevator is broken in Georgia  Mr Dennis Back In Court, But The Staff Doesn't Make An Appearance As The Judge Banned It From The Courtroom (Part 1)  If you have to make your argument with a badly outdated version of Black’s Law Dictionary, you’ve lost before you even make your case  3 Ways To Get More Whitebags On RotMG  The Manfred Mash! A Video Game Ballad (Total War: Warhammer Parody)  Man threatens to kill Dunkin Donuts employees in New Brunswick and leaves with police  Inebriated Morning Show host shouts pejoratives for no reason at guest chef  Ski Lift in Georgia (the country) out of control  Dark Chocolate Mousse Tart Recipe  A Moop tries to use his “nationality card” to get into Antigua  [Haiku]Blyat to the future  Make the sleep like this.Happy world Sleep day !!  How beautiful glass Bangles are made. (on YouTube).  How to draw lips with colored pen  Moon 44 (1990) [360p]  Guy getting spit on in New Brunswick  Guy opens a 73 year old Austrailian military ration from world war two  Manbaby Films Himself In An Argument With Dad — Whines  [MEME] [OC] dO yOu eVEr lOoK aT sOmEOnE¡!  CNC Machining a 5-axis Chess Rook (Fusion360) [12:00]  Traxxas e revo river bash [5:20]  we need to talk about islam (2015)  Alien Intelligence (2018)  Alain de poetser (Alain the cleaner) and his car cleaning passion  Fighting a skateboard.  rat meme  Impossible is nothing - Oh Crap  China’s Obsession with Mink Coats (2017) [12:23]  Took my car to a full service car wash and checked my dash cam footage afterwards  WCGW if I watch this ship launch?  Watch "This cop grew up in the hood; Tells teen to throw hands and that he won't arrest him after it" on YouTube  Weird Al interviewing Eminem  Professional Scrabble Players Replay Their Greatest Moves (2017) - "Professional Scrabble players and champions discuss their favorite, most improbable, worst, most patient, most regretful, and most h  Professional Scrabble Players Replay Their Greatest Moves | The New Yorker  Musician Explains Harmony in 5 Levels of Difficulty ft. Jacob Collier & Herbie Hancock | WIRED  Dog bites the head of a sovereign citizen  Pi Rant 2018: Alternative Pi - Vi Hart [5:24]  LA's Dangerous Obsession with Car Chases | The New Yorker [7:13]  Guys argue in the studio over free beats  With all the bad press about United Airlines lately just remember - United breaks guitars. Hard to believe it's been 9 years.  How Formation Flying Works (feat. the RAF Red Arrows!) - Tom Scott  Spacetime Diagrams | Special Relativity Ch. 2 - minutephysics  Grandma's Keys (to the Mercury Grand Marquis)  The Philippines' Baby Factory (2018) - 101 East investigates why children are having babies in the Philippines and meets some of the country's youngest mothers  The Most Elusive Man in North America (2018) (13:55)  [Canada] Santa Fe hits embankment; rolls over  [Poetry]Blblblblblblblblblblbl  Outside In (2018) - Official Trailer  Spacetime Diagrams | Special Relativity Ch. 2 - MinutePhysics [14:30]  Blblblblblblblblblblbl  "FIRST CONTACT"? maybe was made by an angry old alien... on Mars! as photo-documented by the NASA Curiosity Rover on March 4, 2016.  [Haiku]The Meaning of Life  [USA] Cammer T-bones left turner  There are no words.Literally.  Brad and Claire Make Sourdough Bread  [Meme] All Terrain AAAAAHHHHHHHHH mored Transports  The Hold Steady crowd in London incredibly invested in the performance of Massive Nights/Little Hoodrat Friend  The crowd is louder than the band as Green Day perform Basket Case at Reading Festival in the UK in 2004  Love, Simon Movie Review [6:02]  Monty Python members appear on Late Night with David Letterman to promote 'The Meaning of Life' (1983)  Mr Bean knows the best way to recognize thief  When Acting Hard goes Wrong  [Poetry] Things Were Spooky in the 50s  [POETRY] Royal Flea  [USA][OC] Lady Runs a Red Light From Left Turn Only Lane  Go Back 1 Day: Thursday, March 15, 2018