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[Poetry] scorched hams

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the alternate ending


steamed hams meme sear parch melt char bake scald roast singe cook broil stale stew grow dried heated melted scorched simmered stewed warmed austere bare blank blighted bombed bulldozed burned chilly cleared cold deforested desert deserted desolate dreary exposed flat gaunt grim open raw stripped unpopulated unsheltered weather-beaten wild windswept baked baking boiling broiled broiling burning burnt cooked fiery fired fried hot parched scalding scorching sizzling toasted arid cotton-mouth dehydrated dried out dried up dry as dust shriveled thirsty waterless withered austral blazing blistering dry parching red-hot stifling sultry sweltering tropic tropical droughty bleak torrid sere Scorched hot dog showoff hotshot be on bring down the house burlesque characterize do a turn dramatize emote enact feign go on go over ham ham it up impersonate lay an egg make debut mime mimic mug parody perform personate personify play play act play gig play part play role portray pretend put it over rehearse represent say one's piece simulate star stooge strut take part tread the boards amateur artist barnstormer bit player character clown comedian entertainer extra foil hambone headliner idol impersonator ingenue ingénue lead pantomimist performer play-actor player soubrette stand-in straight person thesp thespian trouper understudy ventriloquist villain walk-on apish artificial assumed awkward campy chichi conceited contrived counterfeit counterfeited faked false feigned fraud gone Hollywood hammy high falutin' hollow imitated insincere melodramatic ostentatious overdone pedantic phony playacting pompous precious pretended pretentious put-on schmaltzy self-conscious shallow sham simulated spurious stiff stilted studied superficial theatrical unnatural Sunday driver abecedarian apprentice aspirant beginner bush leaguer dabbler dilettante greenhorn hopeful layperson learner neophyte nonprofessional novice probationer putterer recruit tenderfoot tyro arrogant big talking bigheaded cocky conceity full of hot air gall hot stuff immodest know-it-all loudmouth narcissistic overweening puffed up self-important smart-alecky snotty stuck up swollen-headed vain vainglorious windbag hand hip loin pleuron quarter side thigh wing act actor affected flank H.A.M. Ham HAM steamed hams Steamed Hams Steamed Ham enraged frenzied raging vehement livid violent frantic incensed fierce frenetic bent boiling crazed demented insane maniac rabid vicious wrathful fuming hacked maddened smoking elated calm happy gentle mild quiet mad piqued riled wroth annoyed cross furious hot huffy irate sore peed t'd off angry burned up outraged pissed-off teed off ticked off desperate rage poach stew bubble steam simmer froth foam seethe cook coddle churn steep fizz decoct freeze brew ignore sear reduce ruin melt bake imbue blanch scald nuke doctor fix parch fry boil brown sizzle mull burn heat devil spoil broil grill toast curry roast scorch braise panfry sauté grow aid wet help cool infuse extract refine trim drop rectify cut rarefy ferment express clarify press dribble purify drip trickle pour dirty loom develop appear show rise surface turn up come up arrive derive proceed spring flow emanate stem egress gush spurt dawn issue crop up hide fall end fade emit eject expel inhale hold keep thaw ignite warm char swelter flush sun perspire blaze singe oxidize fire inflame bask glow chafe enkindle flame kindle reheat smelt oxidate frizzle calorify enflame grow hot grow warm tepefy warm up even level plane iron allay still worry break upset lift take rough dim murk rain haze fog blur film befog uncloud soak wash rinse lick bathe dip water sop spray mist bedew sog dry disturb vex rile irk gall miff get bum roil nettle pique hack anger provoke bug put out T-off charm crowd move finish crush jam pile hug ram squash cumber thrust clasp squish enfold shove smooth mash impel stuff mass weigh mangle pack expand extend raise let go build pull blow up rampage roar erupt tear fulminate bristle rant fume scold splutter surge yell storm rave overflow scream fret boil over be furious go berserk have a fit rail at snap at praise be calm flatter stink smoke smell stench stir bent out of shape beside oneself browned off bummed out corybantic fit to be tied hopping mad infuriated irrational on the warpath steamed unreasonable up in arms angered blown a gasket exasperated indignant irritated provoked worked up affronted displeased fighting mad in a tizzy inflamed offended peeved off steamed up steaming storming tee'd off good and mad hot and bothered hot under the collar mad as hell foaming at the mouth in a towering rage agitate effervesce evaporate parboil smolder pissed off ireful Steamed idea fad kick meme Memes Meme MEMES
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