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Making a Pancake Leather Holster with Thumb Break, 1911 Commander [25:45]

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This video demonstrates my process of making a pancake holster for the 4.25" Commander sized 1911 with a thumb break. I start off by making the pattern, including how I dissect the pattern into individual pattern pieces. Then I demonstrate the entire... This video demonstrates my process of making a pancake holster for the 4.25" Commander sized 1911 with a thumb break. I start off by making the pattern, including how I dissect the pattern into individual pattern pieces. Then I demonstrate the entire assembly process, from cutting out the leather, to burnishing (admittedly, I didn't burnish this holster to the extent I normally would because I intended this to be my personal holster), sewing, forming, then final finishing, and tweaking the pattern for a slightly tighter fit.


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