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Epicure: Perfection (2016) The Life of a Michelin-Starred Chef [9:46]

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EPICURE: PERFECTIONOldrich Sahajdak is a Michelin-starred chef and the forefront pioneer of Czech cuisine. In "Epicure: Perfection," he unravels his past and present, pondering his goals and life path.FEATURINGOldrich Sahajdak | La Degustation Bohême... EPICURE: PERFECTIONOldrich Sahajdak is a Michelin-starred chef and the forefront pioneer of Czech cuisine. In "Epicure: Perfection," he unravels his past and present, pondering his goals and life path.FEATURINGOldrich Sahajdak | La Degustation Bohême BourgeoiseCREWDirector, Writer, Producer | Oliver MacMahonAssociate Producer | Rachel SmekalovaDOP | Gleb VolkovCamera Assistant | Dona DameskaSound Recordist | Gary BoydCo-Editor | Dimitris PolyzosTranslator | Vojta KonecnyThanks to FAMU International


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